Why I Started This Site

This is a site that provides a place where people can tell about a teacher that made a difference in their lives. I would like this site to be filled with stories about teachers who have been positive influences. I think too much time is spent finding the negative in education, so I would like to provide an avenue that focuses on the positive. I came up with the idea for this site because of a letter my family received after my father passed away. It turns out that my father had taught one year of high school mathematics early in his life that we didn’t know about. However, one of his former students saw his obituary in the paper and sent us a letter. His letter prompted me to think there are others who have been influenced by a teacher and may or may not have had a chance to tell about it. With his permission I posted the letter to this website (Mr. Victor Durrington).

It seems as though we have been hearing more negative than positive about education and teaching, so this site and its partnering Facebook page are intended to be an avenue to remind us of the good teachers who have made a difference in our lives and those who are having a positive influence on our children. I also hope that when teachers are feeling overwhelmed, they will visit this site to remind them that they are making a difference that lasts multiple lifetimes.

Thanks for visiting and sharing your story.