Mrs. Woodard

I wanted to participate in the state (CO) spelling bee as a 7th grader. I had never done this before and there had not been a student participate from the local school district for many years. Mrs. Woodard was my English teacher and she said if I wanted to do this, she would try to help. She found the practice book and met with me at 7am twice every week for several months before the competition in Denver to help me prepare. Not once did she ask for anything special from me…or ask for anything in return. My mother took a day off work to take me to Denver for the competition and though I did not make it past the written round, it was the experience of a lifetime for me! I am now 60; I taught high school in the same district for 19 years, and have been faculty in higher ed for 20+ years! But I will never forget Mrs. Woodard’s compassion and support. Bless her soul and all those who also support the “crazy” ideas of their students’.

Kay  Persichitte

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