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Ms. Nancy

Hey,Ms Nancy Thanks to you for your help while I was at Southside. (a few years back but I appreciated the help) –Ted Hall

Ms. Beverly Goodwin

There was this teacher, her name was Beverly Goodwin. She was my mom. I can’t remember what elementary school she taught at in Wichita, Kansas. But I can remember this: on several separate occasions, we had students of hers, suffering from difficult home situations, spend nights- sometimes WEEKS at our home in the guest bedroom, […]

Dr. Jack Shock

There was this teacher at Harding University, Jack Shock, who taught me to love to learn, to challenge myself to dig deeper, to find humor and joy in each day, to intentionally argue both sides of a position to help discover the truth for myself, to favor the underdog, and to not only accept but […]

Ms. Annie Sterns

Annie Sterns stood 6′ 6″ and weighed 200 lbs. but she didn’t work in a mine, she was grade school principal when I was in school. She taught my father, my brothers and my sister. She carried a rolled up Life magazine and when we got out of line, she put us back in line. […]